Warm and Welcoming

There are many uses for barn wood in a cabin. It can be measured and customized to fit any wall interior or exterior containing windows and doors, and can also be used to cover the ceilings. We build shelves, cabinets, benches, accent tables, and rocking chairs, and there are endless possibilities for originality when the entire structure is mainly comprised of handcrafted wood.

wood ceiling
Wood Ceiling

If there are areas of aging wood in the cabin, it can be replaced with refurbished barn wood to renew the visual impact, while increasing the eco-friendly desirability of the cabin. The cohesive theme of wood everywhere really brings the rustic, homey and classic elegance to the fore. It invites the occupant to enjoy their stay, basking in the colors of nature, immersed in the luster, texture, grain, and figure of wood.

doors and windows
Doors & Windows