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Handmade rustic furniture made from barn wood brings warm country beauty to your home. I like to stay busy, so I usually have something I'm working on that you can check out. Folks are welcome to come by the shop in Union Grove, Alabama & plan their project with me. I build quality rustic furniture that looks good and will last for years.

The result is a naturally rusticated beauty that’s easy on the eye and soothing to the touch. The texture and grain of wood is an enchanting quality to behold. Its intricate patterns and lines, and the warmth of its color make you feel welcomed and invited to be close to it. Its strength and durability mean you can rest easy, and don’t have to worry about breaking it for a long while to come.

One of the best things about going the handcrafted wood route is the potential for artistry built into your bed. Working with a master wood craftsman enables all kinds of customizable designs. Whether you want your master bed to have your initials engraved in it, or a bedroom suite in the likeness of a Chevrolet truck, (to name a few of the virtually limitless possibilities), there is much more freedom in artistic direction.

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Wood Master

Eddie Abernathy

Master Wood Craftsman and Owner of Barn Wood Furniture.


Compared to more modern materials such as vinyl or fiberglass, wood is a naturally-sourced material with less heavy industrial processing involved. But more importantly, there are ways to use recycled wood to avoid even having to cut down new trees for the material.

This is where Barn Wood Furniture comes in. We reclaim the wood from old, out-of-use barns and use it to make professional grade furniture that lasts longer than mass produced alternatives. By choosing such a manner of production, you are investing in products with a special history and with lasting value. Attention and care go directly into the process of tearing down the old barn and refurbishing the salvaged wood to craft pieces of work that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Clients Say

Love, love, love my new TV Stand/Entertainment center! I cant wait to get my next piece of furniture from them! Thank you so much Eddie Abernathy!

Cindy Hasenbein Sexton,

Cullman, Alabama

*****5 STARS***** Eddie did awesome work! We wanted something very specific and he nailed it. We wouldn’t hesitate commission him again!

Dan Riley,

Huntsville, Alabama

Eddie is a true artist! With only some measurements and pictures, he created a beautiful dining room table, hall tree desk and foyer table for our home out of genuine reclaimed barn wood. He even fashioned the drawer pulls and slides from wood. We highly recommend his work!

April Berry Keating,

Madison, Alabama
Supporting Sustainability

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One of the reasons we love the way the product turns out is that there is always a before vs. after feeling of accomplishment. The wood used in Barn Wood Furniture is sourced from old, out-of-use barns that we help others tear down. We’ve seen the wood go from jaded and wasted to finished and useful. A lot of our love goes into this journey of change, from safely tearing down the old barn to refurbishing the salvaged wood.

We are glad to be able to operate from a place of service to others, while contributing toward the greater good of sustainability. If you have a project that needs the beautiful appeal of handcrafted woodwork, by selecting to make it out of barn wood, you’ll be supporting independent craftsmen and contributing to more sustainable production practices.