Cabin at Guntersville Lake

I built several pieces for Karen Tillery to go into her rental cabins, she’s great to work with and the cabins are amazing.

Karen’s cabins have been featured on Barnwood Builders on DIY network.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to stay in a cabin in the great outdoors yet, you might want to give it a shot the next chance you get. While they may not have the same reputation for luxuriousness that hotels do, they are one of the closest things to a “home away from home” people may experience in their travels. 

This may more than likely be due to the very existence of cabins being part of and surrounded by nature. Cabins and their surrounding environment capture all the theme, vibrance and soul of nature without the dangers or harshness. Much of this feeling can be attributed to the unifying quality of wood.

Ethically Obtained

In the interest of preserving nature and reducing the negative effects of mankind’s activities, one of the best ways to construct the cabin or its components is with recycled wood, and Barn Wood Furniture has been handcrafting unique designs for years. 

Any wood we use to build with is sourced from old, out-of-use barns that we personally tear down ourselves with permission from the barn owner. We do not charge them for this service, because being able to put that old wood toward better use is its own reward.

Having safely torn down and retrieved as much usable wood as possible, we put in the effort and time to refurbish and repurpose the wood. The standard of furniture and other products that come as a result of this process are stellar and always satisfying to the eye. Most importantly, they are customizable to the individual customer’s preferences.