Bars by Barn Wood Furniture

Perhaps amidst the wave of modernist architecture and design, swanky, contemporary bars with sleek, reflective, vinyl table tops have risen in popularity. That said, nothing feels righter than walking into a bar and being greeted with the warm and welcoming brown tones of wood. It seems like the aesthetic of the taverns of old is something that won’t go away, and with good reason.

The Character of Wood

Wood establishes that down-to-earth, cozy mood and atmosphere that keeps a crowd in high spirits. In the counter itself, where most of the battle takes place, its beauty lasts throughout wet circle stains from mugs, drink spillage and other things that may damage a lesser bar. Owners that know the goodness of wooden bar counters also incorporate it in other elements of the overall layout. There is art to the coffee tables, light fixtures, benches and signboards. Having such a unified theme of relatability and connectedness further boosts the customer experience.

Wood is of nature, so its charm lies in how it reminds people of being in the untamed environment of fun. In the day, the bar looks pleasant, but when the night invites people out, wood shows them where to come. Warm light bounces off its texture in a way that only complements it, bar-goers are immersed and mesmerized in the surroundings without even noticing it. It sturdily holds up the endless stream of resting elbows as customers wait for their drinks, but not cold to the touch like fiberglass or plastic.

Aside from being pretty, handcrafted work enables customizable designs or fitting. A custom-made, handcrafted bar can be straight, L-shaped or built to accommodate a pillar in the middle. The design will be unique to your bar while also highlighting your unique personality and preferences.

Supporting Sustainability

One of the reasons we love the way the product turns out is that there is always a before vs. after feeling of accomplishment. The wood used in Barn Wood Furniture is sourced from old, out-of-use barns that we help others tear down. We’ve seen the wood go from jaded and wasted to finished and useful. A lot of our love goes into this journey of change, from safely tearing down the old barn to refurbishing the salvaged wood.

We are glad to be able to operate from a place of service to others, while contributing toward the greater good of sustainability. If you have a project that needs the beautiful appeal of handcrafted woodwork, by selecting to make it out of barn wood, you’ll be supporting independent craftsmen and contributing to more sustainable production practices.